Manage your watering system with your smartphone

With the Liebearth system, you can :


  • See your lawn’s performance and health.
  • Geolocate yourself so Liebearth will find your local weather forecast.
  • Confirm that everything is working perfectly and read your event log in real time.
  • Pinpoint leaks in your watering system.
  • Program your vacation days in order to activate a “dormant” mode for your lawn. 
  • Adjust your lawn’s greenness.
  • And much more.

Easy, user-friendly configuration

With Liebearth, you don’t have to waste time trying to adjust watering time or volume. You don’t have to worry about moisture levels either.

Liebearth takes care of everything.



With Liebearth, the only thing you have to do is pick your lawn’s “greenness” !

Taking precipitation into account

To save up to the last drop of water, before you water your property, Liebearth will connect to the internet to check if it’s supposed to rain near you.

But unlike a traditional watering system, Liebearth won’t stop watering if it’s supposed to rain....Liebearth will adapt the system to the nearest liter.

This way, if there isn’t enough precipitation to ensure the correct amount of watering for your lawn, Liebearth will compensate accordingly.

Limit watering while you’re on vacation

When you go on vacation in the winter, you put your heater on frost protection mode. Your heater will then make sure that your house temperature doesn’t drop below 4 or 5°C to ensure that your pipes won’t freeze.

Liebearth uses a similar feature for your lawn: the “dormant” mode. 

Tell Liebearth when you’re leaving for vacation and when you get back. During this time, Liebearth will ensure minimum watering and return to its normal watering levels 48 hours before your return.

This way while you’re on vacation, your lawn will temporarily turn a bit yellow, but it will stay alive, and it will turn green again when you return.

Your lawn’s health

With Liebearth you can check the moisture level of each microzone of your property in real time.

You’ll know which areas of your garden consume the most water, those that endure the most. 

Detailed and intuitive statistics allows you to be in full control of your plants’ health.

Check your water savings in real time


Liebearth measures the moisture level development for each microzone of your property and then adapts the watering accordingly.


This leads to huge water savings that you can see for yourself with consumption statistics provided by Liebearth.


With Liebearth you can find out which sprinklers consume the most water, which areas need the most water, how many liters you saved each day in each area of your property.